Show Ring

The ARDB has not applied to be an officially recognised breed by the Royal Agricultural Society of Australia.

However, for members wishing to pursue activities within these show societies, the Illawarra Society has kindly allowed ARDB cattle to compete alongside Illawarra cattle, until 1st January 2015.

These ARDB cattle must comply with the Illawarra rules regarding maximum Holstein percentages and the colour of the exhibit.

The Illawarra ruling for maximum Holstein percentage is no more than 75% Holstein, and the exhibit can not have 2 consecutive Holstein sires in the immediate pedigree. However, various show societies have different rulings on Holstein content, so contact an Illawarra state representative for further clarification on the ruling in the show you attend.

The Illawarra ruling for colour is currently, to be eligible to be shown cattle must be of acceptable colour, those colours are red, white, roan or red and white intermixed including the various shades of red. Minimal black hair around the edges of ears and muzzle are accepted as well as a small black birthmark. Excluded will be black faced and black or brindle colours.  

The owner and parader of these cattle must also agree to abide by the Ethical Practices Code as set out by the Illawarra Society. 

To view the Ethical Practices code ..... click here 

To view the ARDB Acceptance letter by the Illawarra Society ..... click here